FlueGard™-225SQC is the latest development in the FlueGard product family.

The material has improved chemical and thermal resistance to the aggressive acids condensing in flue gas systems.

The major benefit is that it can be heated rapidly from room temperture to cure temperature, this saves time and money to the end user.

FlueGard™-225SQC is ideally suited to coat filters with the process running and then use the hot flue gas to cure the coating in place.

Airless Spray of FlueGard-225SQC in South Africa
CorrosionGard™-160SH2 is the most recent development in our corrosion protection materials.
 Is applied in a single coat, cures at room temperature and can operate continuously up to 160 C (320 F).
Is very resistant to acid condensation and fine particle abrasion. Can survive temperture peaks up to 250 C in case of upset of process  conditions.

KilnGard™-600SCW is a two component, nano-
ceramic material for high temperature corrosion
protection in the inside of the kiln shell in
cement plants.

The flue gases found in cement or lime plants
are extremely corrosive. Recently
with the increase use of alternative fuels, the
corrosion of the kiln shell under the refractory
is becoming more severe.

KilnGard™-600SCW has demonstrated
outstanding performance on steel surfaces
exposed to this unusually aggressive

Air Spray of KilnGard-600SCW

FlueGard™-425S is a one-part system designed for corrosion protection up to 425ºC (797ºF), which meets low volatile organic component (VOC) requirements.

The product is applied by air spray on a clean, sandblasted steel surface. It cures at room temperature into a hard film, the final cure requires heating to 200ºC for several hours.

Spray of FlueGard-425S on a new Baghouse filter in Mexico

StackGard™-255SQW is an important addition to 3L&T's product technolgies. This material has been specifically designed to protect the inside of steel chimneys.

The product can be cured at temperatures as low as 80ºC (176ºF), and up to 180ºC (356ºF), this wide range is suitable for large chimneys where there can be a large temperature differential from bottom to top.

StackGard-255SQW application in Indonesia

Spray application of WearGard-225SG

WearGard™-225SG is a tough elastomeric material formulated with reactive inorganic fillers, including several in nanometer particle size.

The material is applied with an airless spray gun in several layers to a total thickness up to 100 mils. The product is then cured at 140ºC to 180ºC for several hours.

Spray application of SteelGard-50

CorrosionGard™-50S is a two component corrosion protection material, especially formulated to resist undercut corrosion.

In marine and industrial environments there is always surface contamination before the application of any coating, this results in premature failures.

Our CorrosionGard™-50S will survive in these severe environments and will extend the useful life of structural steel.

CorrosionGard™-160S is a recently developed corrosion protection material, it cures at room temperature and can operate up to 160ºC.

It can be used in stacks, ducts and filters that operate below 160ºC and are exposed to acid condensation and severe internal corrosion.

CorrosionGard™-160S will protect the metal from corrosion and abrasion, reducing maintenance cost and extending the useful life of these equipments.

Spray application in Spain