Recent Projects
Major Projects 2009-2011
FlueGard-225SQC in Texas

Compartment #4 coated with FlueGard-225SQC


Badly corroded baghouse filter in Texas, just after few years in service.

Two compartments were initially coated with FlueGard-225SQC, the results were excellent.

The next 10 compartments, were coated the following year.

Stainless Steel Electro-Filter in Belgium

Severely corroded electro filter in a Cement plant in Belgium.

Walls and structure built with stainless steel, metal corroding due to the presence of chlorides in the gases.

Application of FlueGard-225SQC on recently installed new stainless steel.

Airless Spray Application of FlueGard-225SQC
Large Reverse Air Baghouse in Oregon
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Large reverse air baghouse at a Cement plant in Oregon.

Had severe internal corrosion, previously applied coatings failed in less than 12 months.

First FlueGard-225SLB application was done early 2003.

Next 10 compartments were coated during May 2004. Still in very good conditions.