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- Participated last May, 2016 with a stand in the PCA-IEEE cement convention in Dallas, Texas. This is always an excellent event with a large attendance from many cement companies and equipment manufacturers. We had many visitors interested in our material technologies to solve their severe corrosion and abrasion issues.

- We shipped in Septemember 2016 a very large order for a new cement plant in Tula, Mexico. A total of 144 kits of StackGard-255SQW and CorrosionGard-160S.

- We published in the April 2015 edition of the International Cement Review Magazine a tecnical article about our large stack protection proyect for a cement plant in Southern California. The new section and the existing section were coated with CorrosionGard™-160S.  See article here.

- We had a stand at the XXXIII Congreso Técnico Ficem in Cartagena, Colombia, the first week of September 2016. It is a very well organized and effective event and we received many visitors interested in our corrosion protection materials. Hablamos español y falamos português.

- Published a technical article in the February 2015 edition of the World Cement Magazine about a new material technology called FlueGard™-455CHT that can protect steel from corrosion and abrasion up to 455 degrees C. This material can be used in cement plants to protect kilns, ducts, fans, filters and chimnneys. See article here.

3L&T Capabilities

Unique Corrosion and Abrasion Protection for Industrial Equipment
Corrosion Protection in Flue Gas Systems
Baghouse Filter Corrosion

3L&T is a company dedicated to develop new polymer material technologies to solve tough industrial problems.

We often combine organic and inorganic components with a deep understanding of the interface phenomena and the interaction between them.

The end result is new formulations with exceptional capabilities.

Abrasion Protection in a Screw Conveyor

Wear and abrasion are pervasive problems in many industrial processes.

3L&T has developed a unique sprayable material that bonds strongly to steel, protects the metal from corrosion and resists temperatures up to 225ºC.

WearGard-200S Spray Application

Cement Kiln Corrosion Protection

Steel or concrete structures and equipment are damaged because of severe environments, the common solution is to spend millions of dollars in repairs or replacements.

We have created materials that resist harsh conditions like:
- Hot flue gases in power plants.
- Aggressive acids in mining operations.
- Corrosion in the kiln shell of Cement Plants.
- Corrosive gases in metal smelters.
- Stack corrosion in oil refineries.

Severe Kiln Shell Corrosion Under the Refractory
Corrosion Protection of Steel and Concrete Stacks
Corroded Carbon Steel Stack
We are located in Mountain View, California, right in the middle of the Silicon Valley, with representatives and applicators in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Please contact us if you have corrosion, abrasion or mechanical damage problems, which cannot be fixed using conventional solutions.

3L&T is not just a product supplier, we are your materials technology partner with creative R&D capabilities.

We are ready to help you.

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